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Anonymous asked: have you ever been naked for a photoshoot?


Anonymous asked: what do you think about Gaga?

Her fans are crazy

Anonymous asked: I kissed my best friend by alcohol's blame and now I think I like him, he told me that he like it too what would you do? for some reason I'm a man and I'm too confused, help me!

Was he a 3 story tall dinosaur from the Crusteacous period? You might have been tricked by the loch ness monster

Anonymous asked: Do u really have a gf? Is it serious? What is she lik!?

Well, she’s kind, smart, funny, and a three story tall dinosaur from the Cretaceous era. Got damn Loch Ness Monster tricked me again.

Anonymous asked: Is there a reason why you don't believe in god?

Oh man I could type up a god damn book about it but this isn’t the place for it.

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